An August wedding at Snug Hollow

A summer wedding is enchanting. Scott and Rheanan had just such a wedding. Wildflowers, gentle breezes, intimate dinners, and a gentle rain were all called up to make a very special occasion.

Nothing could describe it better than their entry in our guestbook………

“It began to rain in the distance as I kissed my bride in the field beside the pond. We had just taken our vows as husband and wife and as we walked down the special burlap isle runner my wife had made for our wedding, it was hard to tell the difference between the raindrops and the tears that streamed down our faces. It was the perfect wedding for us, and the memories are ours to cherish for the rest of our lives together.

Every moment in this cabin- the scent of the fresh cut flowers in the windows, the patter of the rain as it hit the metal roof of the big porch ,the trees on the hills in the distance all made the experience better than we could have imagined. There is no better place than Snug Hollow to start our lives together.”

Scott & Rheanan Vickers, Lexington

Watch Scott & Rheanan’s Video Slidshow